Major Insurance Provider Saves $750k per Month With Big Data Migration

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The insurance industry heavily relies on data to deliver efficient services, manage risk, and make informed business decisions. Recognizing the potential of big data analytics, a major insurance provider embarked on a transformative journey to enhance its data infrastructure. With the objective of improving operational efficiency and reducing costs, they sought the expertise of Proclarify, a leading technology solutions provider specializing in big data migration.


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The Challenge

The insurance provider faced several challenges with its existing data infrastructure, hindering its ability to leverage data effectively. These challenges included:


  1. Inefficient Data Storage: The insurer had accumulated vast amounts of data over the years, leading to storage limitations and slower query processing times.
  2. Legacy Systems: The company’s outdated systems and applications lacked the capability to process and analyze large volumes of data efficiently.
  3. Cost Overruns: The existing data infrastructure incurred high maintenance and operational costs, impacting the company’s profitability.

What did
Proclarify do

Proclarify analyzed the insurance provider’s existing infrastructure, identified pain points, and proposed a comprehensive big data migration strategy. The key solutions provided by Proclarify were:


  1. Scalable Cloud Infrastructure: Proclarify recommended migrating the insurer’s data to a scalable cloud platform, ensuring cost-effective storage, enhanced processing capabilities, and improved accessibility.
  2. Data Consolidation and Integration: Proclarify implemented a robust data consolidation plan, enabling the insurance provider to integrate disparate data sources and create a unified view of information for analysis.
  3. Data Governance and Security: Proclarify designed and implemented stringent data governance and security protocols to protect sensitive customer information and comply with industry regulations.
  4. Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning: Proclarify incorporated advanced analytics and machine learning techniques into the data migration process, allowing the insurer to gain valuable insights, streamline operations, and make data-driven decisions.

The Results

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